An objective guide to finding a great sailing school  


Learning to sail can be incredibly rewarding, but choosing the right place to take lessons is key. Sailing schools differ on many dimensions. Our comprehensive guide will quickly teach you how to select the right school for you.

The complete guide includes a discussion of every aspect of a sailing course.

The guide summary presents the most important facts in one invaluable web page.

Featured Articles

The Right Length and Schedule for a Sailing School Course -- A discussion of how long it takes to learn to sail and various course formats.

How Much Should Sailing School Cost? -- Learn how to compare prices and see some typical course costs.

A Sailing School Is Only As Good As Its Instructors -- Know how to determine if a school will provide the right instruction, and if a particular instructor is right for you.

Types of Courses: Sailing Schools Can Take Many Forms -- From small boat lake sailing to coastal yacht navigation, all types of courses exist. Know what you're looking for.

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The Annapolis Book of Seamanship : Third Edition, Completely Revised, Expanded and Updated

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DK Complete Sailing Manual

"Another top-notch introduction to sailing technique, this volume covers an even wider range of subject matter and combines excellent description with stunning diagramatic detail. The DK series introduction to sailing is both less expensive and more expansive than the Annapolis guide, and so some view it as a better value. However, while receiving strong praise from much of its readership, the DK Complete Sailing Manual cannot boast unverisal adoration. The book at times squeezes in too much information, which can be overwhelming and confusing to novice sailors."

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